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group workshops

my group workshops and collaborations provide a safe and supportive space for people to gather and understand individual and collective experiences around universal human themes.


through curiosity, exploration and creativity, we co-create an experiential learning environment that restores our connectedness with nature and fosters a sense of healing and belonging.

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Nervous system RESET Workshop

Reconnect with your body, brain and breath so that you may retreat, reset and renew

- Wouldn't it be nice to move through stress rather than have it take over or remain stuck ?

- Wouldn't it be nice to take action when needed and also put on the brake when needed, in a way that serves and preserves?

- Wouldn't it be nice to discover stress-release tools that feel right for you and good for your body? 


It really is possible to reset your nervous system - not only to a place of calm but also to a place of resilience. 


So join me for an enlightening and experiential afternoon where together we will explore:

  • what happens for us on a nervous system level in response to stress

  • the difference between completing a natural cycle of response vs remaining stuck in or accumulating unresolved responses

  • clues within you for creating your own personal map to reset and restore balance.

Including somatic practices such as breathwork, movement and orienting, this mindbody workshop will have you returning home equipped with a renewed sense of safety, awareness and empowerment, both in your body and in your life!* 

Saturday 15th June

Saturday 13th July

Saturday 10th August

3.00pm - 4.30pm

$65pp with refreshments

@wildlotusoils, penshurst

Bookings essential and spaces are limited.


If dates does not suit you, please join the waitlist to be one of the first to hear the next date for future workshops.

*Whilst educational and experiential in nature, my workshops are not intended or implied to replace individual therapeutic treatment of any medical or mental health condition.

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