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group workshop

my group workshops provide a safe and supportive space for people to gather and understand individual and collective experiences around universal human themes.


through personal wisdom, authenticity, creativity and exploration, we co-create an experiential learning environment that fosters a sense of connectedness and healing from being more seen and feeling less alone.

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Emotional Wisdom & Empowerment

learn to tune into our body’s wisdom to heal and deal

Do you tend to get overwhelmed by emotions such as fear, anger or sadness, sending you into states of anxiety, rage and despair?


Does it seem as though someone or something manages to throw you from your path for the rest of the day (or week, or month, or year) despite good, heartfelt intentions?


Do you notice yourself avoiding or delaying challenging experiences or certain people because it brings up feelings that are too uncomfortable to bear?


In this two-hour workshop, you will gain insights and practical tools to help you work with, rather than against, your emotions. This offering is for you if you want to understand:


  • what emotions do for us and what it is they need

  • what happens when we ignore/suppress/deny our feelings

  • triggers - how something seemingly small can feel so big

  • how to get back in the driver's seat when our feelings take over the wheel (spoiler alert - you can't think your way out of feelings, it's a mindbody thing!)

  • how to harness inner resources to build resilience and re-return to our emotional capacity - in relationships, in work and in community

  • ways to regulate ourselves, meet our own needs and develop healthy boundaries to settle our nervous system and restore a sense of safety

  • how to access our innate nature of freedom, authentic expression and pleasure that improves connection with self and others. 

You will come away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of yourself and a knowing of what it is you need so that you can begin to thrive in your life, not just survive.

This is an evidence-based, experiential workshop where you will have the opportunity to meet others in a safe environment, explore universal themes and engage in mindbody practices such as breathwork, meditation and gentle movement.

This wisdom and practice will not only help to normalise what it is you are experiencing that brought you here, it will also help you to undo patterns and behaviours that have been created to try keep you safe in your world but that aren't really you. You are left connecting to a place of clarity and calm that already resides within you.

For future dates and other offerings please register your interest here.

*DISCLAIMER* Whilst educational and experiential in nature, these workshops are not intended or implied to replace individual therapeutic treatment of any medical or mental health condition.

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