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women´s circles

Sacred Women´s Circles connect us to an ancient tradition of unity and ritual; a gathering of women, for women - to support, nurture and empower one another. It is a time to connect with others, our own bodies, and the cycles of nature.


This offering is a sisterhood journey of growth and deep release as we cultivate new ideas and remove any barriers that no longer serve us.


By sharing, meditating and moving our bodies in a space of loving kindness, we reconnect with that inner-child essence of curiosity, spontaneity and liberation; and discover informative wisdom that has actually never left us, it´s simply been hiding deep within.


You will come away feeling recharged, rejuvenated, grounded and in creative flow as you:


- awaken and deepen your self-care practices

- restore a sense of wholeness and a coming home to self

- allow, offer and receive the special connection and support

Through group discussion and mindbody practices, we will rediscover our innate wisdom and re-remember our intuitive feminine energy, using the earth seasons as our guide:

For future dates and locations, please subscribe here for announcements.

Bookings are essential.

Spaces are limited to ensure a private and nurturing environment.

*For same day bookings only, please contact me directly:

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