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sacred women´s circles

Sacred Women´s Circles connect us to an ancient tradition of unity and ritual; a gathering of women, for women - to support each other in our struggles and celebrate each other in our successes.


This offering is a sisterhood journey of growth, connection and deep release. It is a place to cultivate new ideas and to remove any blocks that are holding you back. 


By sharing, meditating and moving our bodies in a space of loving kindness, we reconnect with that inner child essence of curiosity, spontaneity and liberation; and discover informative wisdom that has actually never left us, it´s simply been hiding deep within.


You will come away feeling recharged, rejuvenated, grounded and in creative flow as you:


- awaken and deepen your self-care practices

- restore a sense of wholeness and a coming home to self

- allow, offer and receive the special connection and support

Join me for evening an of connection, reflection and healing at one of my upcoming circles:

THEME: Autumn - the season for letting go


No season embodies transitions more than Autumn with the changing colour of trees, the falling of leaves and cooling of the air.


This natural cycle of change is also a reflection of how we can show up in our own lives.


The difference could be embracing change to progress through life on a forward spiral or resisting it and staying stuck in a vicious cycle!


Join me for an evening of connection, mindfulness and embodiment practices as we carve some space to land from the busy-ness of Summer, tap into this Autumn energy and let go of what no longer serves us.



Wednesday 22 March

7.00 - 8.30pm

@The Buddha Bar



Thursday 6 April

7.00 - 8.30pm

@Wings of Wellness


Bookings are essential.

Spaces are limited to ensure a private and nurturing environment.

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